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We Love Being Nude Socially... It's Wonderful..!

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Social nudism is one of the fastest growing forms of recreation in the United States today.  It is gaining in popularity with women faster than at any other time in modern history.  Women really do enjoy feeling like a woman... and once you have tried being nude in a non sexual social or recreational environment... you will enjoy naturism more than you ever dreamed possible.  Even though most women are talked into giving naturism a try by a man... they end up enjoying social nudism far more than men ever could.  Why shouldn't we... it's normal... it's fun... it feels good... and that's how it has always been... so join us and see..!

Poll after poll shows a very positive acceptance of nudism and naturism here in the United States... as well as around the rest of the world... and being naked is fast becoming the thing to do everywhere... from snow skiing to walking the beach.

Read what Lloyd Garver with CBS had to say about nudism... "The naked truth about politics"... and also "Nudism takes off in America" by Corey Lyons of the Contra Costa Times.

The American Association for Nude Recreation's public relations efforts in the nudist lifestyle education are paying off and here are some recent stories....


An article in Cosmo Girl entitled... "Are your mom or dad by chance into walking around naked..?"  This article went on to say that the Western Sunbathing Association "will cover you up with cash if you write the best essay on... "What nudism means to me."



Cosmopolitan...  Nudity has become such a popular pastime on college campuses the American Association for Nude Recreation is inaugurating Nude-U... a series of 10-day workshops in Tampa aimed at students interested in the nudist lifestyle.  "When you're nude you shed your shell..." says Judy Grisham... a Nude-U organizer.  "We feel that students want to be in place where they're able to project the people they really are."



VIA is the bimonthly magazine of the California State Automobile Association sent to AAA members in Northern California... Nevada... Utah... Oregon and Southern Idaho that reaches 2,500,000 readers.  They ran the following piece in their July/August 2001 issue...


IT'S HIP TO BE BARE Just don't call them colonies.  You know... the places where you hang out in nothing but your belly button and sneakers to celebrate National Nude Recreation Week. Naturists... who consider "colony" passť... will commemorate the week with open house events at nude beaches... clubs and resorts around the country.  In California experienced and novice nudists are welcome at a surfing party in Lacumba... a lawn concert in Los Gatos and a dance in Corona.  In other states nudists can check the internet for information on local clubs.

Whatever the event... pack light... your best birthday suit... sunblock... comfortable shoes and (etiquette dictates) a towel to sit on.  Nude recreation is all about leaving the trappings of modern society says Carolyn Hawkins... spokesperson for the American Association for Nude Recreation.  "You don't know if someone's blue-collared or white-collared when they're not wearing a collar..." she said.  If the weather cools or you've had to much sun it's Kosher to cover up.



Nude Beaches Raw Nerves... He is right about one thing... the growing popularity of beaching in the buff.  Over the past decade nudists... naturists and plain old skinny dippers have gained a foothold in many public areas says Eric Schuttauf... executive director of the American Association for Nude Recreation... which is based in Kissimmee... Florida.  "Public attitudes about nude beaches have turned a page..." Schuttauf says.

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