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It is so much fun working nude..!


These are the comments that I have heard from people all day long as the former Manager of the "in place" to stay in Palm Springs, California called The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort.

I amBeing nude at your job is great..! proud to be a Latina (although I am even prouder to be and American).  In my culture all women are considered beautiful.  We are not brought up with the odd concept that being nude is shameful.  Shame is used by people to make you feel inferior.  To the contrary, Latina's are strong and beautiful women.  Our bodies are to be respected.  That is why there are more nude beaches in Spain than any other country in Europe.  Or look to Brazil, and you will understand that you shouldn't be covering up.  Instead the more skin that is exposed in public, the more beautiful and sensual the woman.  Michelangelo correctly understood the beauty of the naked human body.

The major reason more women are not comfortable with sharing their nudity with others is they are rarely exposed to the concept that it is OK to be nude in a nonsexual way.  That is why my resort is so popular.  We are only for couples, we operate very conservatively, everyone is naked all day long, and they are very friendly and respectful of each other.  That is why we have over a 75% repeat guest rate with couples from around the world that stay with us.

There is power in going nude in front of others.  You develop your self-confidence.  You become very comfortable talking with others while you have no clothes on and this confidence carries over to everyday life.  The same is true when you share nude pictures of yourself on beautiful sites such as yours.  The more women that are tastefully portrayed nude on sites such as yours, the more women will be respected in our society.

I want to encourage other young women to enjoy the freedom of being nude.  For when you are no longer afraid to bare your body with other people, you have truly liberated your mind and soul.  Plus, it is just plain fun running around naked in the fresh air with friends and not have to worry how some dumb bathing suit looks on you.

Here are my ideas about nude recreation.  I want to encourage young females to enjoy nude sunbathing.  My suggestion is when you try nude sunbathing forI loved being nude on the news..! the first time, do it privately with friends or at a nice clothing optional resort like ours that caters to couples.  We have guys that call us everyday saying that they had made a mistake.  They had gone to a nude beach where there were so many single guys that were staring at the women that their wife/girlfriend felt very uncomfortable and refused to ever go to a nude beach again.  They then searched on the web, found our place and needed advice on how to get their wife/girlfriend to try nude sunbathing again.  So many times, I talk with the woman and reassure them that we are for couples, so they can feel very comfortable.  I say that even though 99% of our guests go nude sunbathing, women can start in a bathing suit, long t-shirt, etc. until they become comfortable.  We find that once the couple gets here, the wives/girlfriends completely forget about their bad first experience at a nude beach and they have a blast at our resort.

We have men who call all the time wanting to stay at our resort by themselves.  They say that their wife/girlfriend doesn't want to go to a clothing optional resort, so they want to come by themselves.  The first thing I ask is "have you asked your wife/girlfriend if she wants to vacation here?"  Amazingly almost every man says no, they were too afraid to ask their wife/girlfriend.  That is where I say, look at our web site and discuss our resort with your wife/girlfriend.  You would be amazed at how many men call back to book saying that they discussed trying our resort and although their wife/girlfriend is nervous, they want to try our place since it is so nice.  They then end up being our repeat guests.  If you are in a happy, strong relationship, where you both love and trust each other, it is very rare that a couple will not try going to a nice clothing optional resort together.

There is power in going nude with others.  You develop your self confidence.  You become very comfortable talking with others while you have no clothes on and this confidence carries over to everyday life.I love being nude for you..!  I have been nude, talked with CEO's of Fortune 100 companies, and felt completely comfortable and as an equal to them, not like some 22 year old college student.  I see this with all our other guests here too, where their comfort level with themselves increases because they go nude.  I can think of no better way for a woman to feel more comfortable about her body and her husband/boyfriend, than relaxing at a clothing optional resort together. Now don't get me wrong.  I also love beautiful clothes.  I love to go dancing with my boyfriend and wear sexy clothing and have him tell me how pretty I am.  However, when I go nude, I enjoy the freedom of choice.  Going nude sunbathing has made me a strong woman and I am completely comfortable with who I am.  I want to encourage other young women to enjoy the freedom of being nude.  This way you will no longer have to be shackled by what Cosmo or Glamour Magazine say you have to be.

If you are a lady... join the Diablo Sun Devils nudist club and get a "Complimentary Membership"... and for you women out there that are shy and still a little hesitant about being nude socially for the first time... drop me an e-mail... because if I can go nude... so can you..!

Candy  :-)

We are a proud supporter of SuperBeauty.Org..!

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