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I'm Katerina... and I love being nude..!

          I'm Sun Devil Katerina from Macedonia... for those of you who don't already know... Rod and I have known each other for a long time... we were once married and very much in love in this lifetime... the music pretty much says the rest I believe.  Rod and I have experienced many wonderful and exciting times together.  I will always love Rod... he is a very special man... and I knew he would always love me as well.  My mother once told me... 'you can only love once'... she was absolutely right... and once you have found that love... you can never experience it with anyone else again.  True Love does exist... but once you have found it you will learn that it is an emotion which you can only capture one time... it can never be duplicated.  20 Years ago I bought Rod a wonderful Lhasa Apso for his birthday... we named that wonderful dog Stone Lea Prince Charles.  We loved that dog so very very much... and we still do as he is over 20 years old and still alive to this day.  Many years later when I was back in Europe I said to Rod... "I have a little doggie... but he's not Charlie... and I have a husband... but he's not you"..!  My heart will always belong to Rod... his heart will always belong to me... neither of us can ever change that... it just is.

We picked "I will always love you"... as our wedding song.  It was sung for us at our wedding in the beautiful chapel at the Reno Hilton... and it was sensational.  My husband Rod and Baron Hilton were friends and Mr. Hilton made certain that our wedding there was simply spectacular... I will never forget it as long as I live.  There is more about me and Rod on My Members Page... and if you are a member you will get to visit my page and I hope you really enjoy it... I think you will..!


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