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This is Claudia... a sensational and fun lady who loves being nude..!


The Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club was founded in 1999 and over the years we have made many wonderful friends in the nudist community from all over the world.  Many of our lady friends have sent great photos of themselves enjoying social and recreational nudity... and some... simply of them naked and having fun.  We would like to share a small glimpse of the fun and excitement women have enjoying naturism as well as just plain being nude.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have..!


 Claudia has Great Boobs... and loves showing them off...     ...Claudia also loves being at one with nature...    ...and she enjoys social nudism and having lots of fun as a nudist...

This is our lovely nudist friend Claudia... her photograph is featured on the top of this page... with another great photo on the bottom of this page also.  Claudia is an absolute doll who really enjoys being nude and having fun as a naturist... and... she loves being nude socially and showing off her pretty boobs as well...!

...she can have fun doing just about anything nude... me... she is just teasing here...       ...Claudia really loves showing off her big beautiful titties..!

Most of us women absolutely love being nude socially once we have tried it time or two... and that's how it should be as we are the attractive ones in the human race... so it's completely normal and natural that we enjoy showing off and feeling pretty...!   

She had a good time and was very comfortable in her skin...     ...Jacqueline had lots of fun showing off everything...      ...and I know Rod really enjoyed her doing just that..!

Here are some photographs Rod took of his special lady friend... Sun Devil Jacqueline from Switzerland... for her Members Page during their 'afternoon delight' photo shoot... they had a wonderful time and I know they both had fun and really enjoyed it..!

Rod's good friend Jacqueline Had A Great TimeBeing Nude..... ...and she enjoyed showing of her most feminine part..!

Below is the lovely Amy... our friend who just loves swimming nude... which almost all women who have tried it do... whether or not they are a nudist..!


Here is a lovely friend who likes showing off her front as well as her behind... which we like also... as both are very nice and she certainly looks beautiful..!


Things have sure changed over the past ten years.... now many women feel somewhat short changed if they don't have a few nude photos on the internet..!


 Nearly all women love swimming and playing nude at the beach... it is one of the favorite places for all nudist and even non-nudist ladies to take off their clothes to be naked to really enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature... including me and nearly all of our Sun Devil Members...!

       Rod's Beautiful Nudist Friend Mila..!

 I love photos of men and women nudists together like the one below... and I love it when our Sun Devil Members get together for a nude event like this..!


 Below is a young lady who seems to enjoy nude hiking... we have done some wonderful nude hikes... and they are always wonderful and great fun..!


 Some nude ladiesMembers Page like wearing a little something... others... like myself... enjoy displaying all Members Page of their femininity as freely and openly as possible..!

                 ...Rods sexy nudist friend Claudia is simply beautiful...              

 Some nude ladies like wearing a little something... Members Page others... like myself... enjoy displaying all of their femininity as freely and openly as possible..!


Some women have so much fun showing off their hot bottoms...!

Our nudist friend Cindy loves showing off her beautiful body...     ...and so does our lovely nudist friend Sara Faye..!     If you have no one to photograph you nude... do it yourself..!    


Rod's lovely friend Mila adores being nude...   ...and her beautiful sexy butt is simply to die for..!   This young lady wants us all to have a nice look... we love it..!

Rod's friend Katherines loves showing off her beautiful ass......and as a nudist she is not afraid to show anything......Katherine is beautiful and we are proud of her..!

Men always enjoy showing their stuff...   ...and we think it's great to see women enjoying it also..!

This is a good example of nudist women who enjoy openly and freely sharing the beauty of their femininity..!

Some Nudist Ladies Love showing their Pretty Pussy......this young lady seems to enjoy it as much as I do... ...and she certainly is a lovely lady with a very nice pussy..!

I get so excited by this that my entire vagina swells... my lips open... I get very wet and juicy... and anyone can plainly see I'm very sexually excited..!


This is a good example of nudist women who enjoy openly and freely sharing the beauty of their femininity... I can tell you from my own experience's it is very exciting when a man is enjoying looking at my pussy so much he is getting an erection and can hardly even speak..!

Rod's Nudist Friend Laura...    ...Sexy Laura Relaxing Nude on her sofa...    ...and Laura Loves being nude at home all the time..!

Rod's nudist friend Niki Daniels is from the United Kingdom... ...she is a lovely and very sexy lady with a great ass... ...and Niki loves being nude at every opportunity..!

Niki Daniels... is a long time friend of the Diablo Sun Devils and Rod... she is a lovely naturist lady who currently lives in the United Kingdom..!

...Niki lived here in the USA for some time...                 ...she is absoulutey lovely and so verysweet and sexy...                 ...Rod would dearly love to meet this beautiful Niki..!

This is Rod's lovely sexy nudist friend Tammy...    ...Tammy lives in Tennessee and really enjoys being a nudist...

Here we have Tammy... another nudist lady who really enjoys being nude or nearly nude all the time... while driving... at home with friends... even with her nice Camero..!

...Tammy has so much fun with naturism and her sexuality..!


We have lots more space for additional guest pages so send us your pictures... or contact Rod and see if you can arrange a photo shoot with him if you like...!


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