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I Love Showing Off my Nipples in the Worship design..!


You will love our non-piercing... non-invasive... self-adhesive nipple jewelry... just peel and press and experience the elegance of enhancing your pretty breasts without piercing your nipples.  Wear them with Kitty Pretties... under a sheer top... with an open cup bra or any other way you like to enjoy the fun and excitement of showing off your breasts..!

We also have "Kitty Pretties" for you..!




Pictured here is the Allure Nipple Jewelry which is feminine and darling.  I love them and I wouldAllure - $8.95 like to wear this design but the holeAllure - $8.95 in the center is too small for my large nipples.  If you have small nipples however... they will look delightful on you... just as they do on Sun Devil Stacy who is so graciously modeling them for you.  You can wear them without anything... or under your sheerest tops.  I enjoy wearing my favorite Titty Pretties when I'm out on the town with a sheer blouse... a camisole... or a bra that exposes my nipples... and I often get sensational comments on how lovely and sexy they look..!



This isBliss - $8.95 theThe lovely Bliss design on Stacy..! adorable Bliss Nipple Jewelry which is bright and shiny and looks so lovely on Sun Devil Stacy's nipples. They are a darling design and will get attention every time.  If you like ruby red and gold like I do... and you have small nipples... try this one because it is very dainty... sexy... daring and just sensational looking..!  I would love to be able to wear these under a sheer white blouse and show them off to everyone everyday because they make any girls breasts and nipples look simply stunning as you can see here..!



The beautiful Brittany Titty Prettie is one of our most popular models... enhancing your body without piercingBrittany - $8.95 as they are non-invasive... self-adhesive intimate body jewelry.  Simply peel and press Titty or Kitty Pretties  around your nipple or vagina and experience the elegance of enhancing the most beautiful parts of your body.  The Brittany Design looks absolutely darling on a ladies breasts.  If you have small to medium nipples they will look just delightful on you.  Wear them under a sheer top... a pretty camisole... or with a matching Kitty Prettie and go have yourself a sensational time..!  As with all of  our Titty Pretties... and all of our Kitty Pretties as well... the price is just $8.95..!  



The Cruelty Titty Pretties areCome see my sexy breasts and nipples..! another of my favorite designs... and... just as with all of the other Titty Prettie designs they areCruelty - $8.95 only $8.95.  I like the jeweled effect of this design...  but then I guess nearly all women love jewels like this on their body... and I assure you... every lady that has worn the Titty Pretties in a manner to have their nipples exposed enough to have a day or an evening filled with attention loves them.  Personally I love it when men compliment me on my nipples or my breasts and I love to have them looked at and admired... don't you..?  Wear these out under a pretty see through blouse some evening and see if you don't enjoy it also... I really think you will..!



Here's the Decadent Nipple Jewelry... it's really lovely with a low key elegance that's so pretty... and if you wear it together with the Encore Kitty Pretty you will just simply drive them all wild..!  As usual... it is $8.95.  ThisDecandent - $8.95 is one of our most popular models and I hate to say it but we can hardly keep them in stock.  Many many women order these and want to wear them for their wedding night... or even under their wedding gown during the marriage itself.  No matter how many sets of Titty Pretties you order... please make it a point to add two or three sets of the Decadent Nipple Jewelry to your order so you have a set to give to your favorite girlfriends because they will just adore and treasure them.  Besides... you will want at least two sets for you because they are truly just beautiful..!



The Deidre Nipple Jewelry is a pretty design many ladies just love... and they are really adorable when worn underThe Deidre will make you look special..! a sheer blouse.  ItThis design is a lovely green... Arianna is pink..! will get you lots of admiring attention.  If you really want to have lots of sparkle on your pretty nipples to get them noticed... this is the one... it is a real attention getter and once someone sees you wearing them they just cannot take their eyes off of you.  If you are like me... you will wear them with nothing else at all accept the lovely "Matching Kitty Prettie"... which will captivate a mans attention and you might find you will enjoy the evening much more than you ever thought possible..!



The delicate Desire Nipple Jewelry... is a veryNow here... is a very nice tittie..! pretty nipple jewelry design that many of  the ladies... including me...  just love... and they areDesire - $8.95 truly sexy and spectacular when worn with the lovely "Encore Kitty Pretty"... so that all of you can really be shown very nicely.  This design looks much better in real life than it does in any photos... and for that reason we get lots of re-orders from our regular customers for this lovely jewelry.  It is another attention getter and once they spot you wearing them they just may not be able to take their eyes off of you..!



Our beautiful Fantasy Nipple Jewelry is really just really delightful... and it is sensational for nice large nipples as it hasFantasy - $8.95 a very large whole in the center which will accommodate even the largest of nipples... but they also look very nice inFantasy - $8.95 small petite nipples as well.  Because of their bold design they look great on women who are very large and busty.  Nearly every lady who has purchased the Fantasy model loves them... tells me they get many compliments from men who seem to just adore them... and they re-order them very often.  I have worn them out on the town a few times and I can tell you they certainly draw lots of attention even under only a slightly sheer blouse..!



These are the very subtle Flirt Titty Pretties really a very pretty and very sophisticated style nipple jewelry that is very pretty... yet they can be worn under a very sheer blouse discreetly without drawing too much attention.  I like it but this is yet another design that works extremely well on ladies with a small petite and ever so soft and delicate nipple.  It is one that I just cannot wear because my nipples are simply too large... but many women look beautiful in it and do really enjoy it.  It looks very nice on our absolutely lovely Sun Devil Arianna... who happens to be Rod's favorite lady to photograph..!



The Glamour Titty Pretties is very popular and looks so much better on a lady... especially one like Sun Devil Adriana than it ever could picturedSee My Members Page..! in it'sGlamour - $8.95 package.  I didn't care for it until I started wearing it.  All of our Titty Prettie Designs look sensational worn under a pretty sheer blouse... like our lovely Adriana does... and all of the nipple jewelry looks much better when a lady is wearing them.  The jewelry compliments your breasts... your nipples compliment the jewelry to make them come alive and really stand out.  If you are like most of our customers and Sun Devil Members you will see just what I mean after you buy your first set... and then you will surely want more..!



These are the ever so delicate Goddess Titty Pretties... a very pretty and out of the ordinary design that many of the ladies just adore.  They are much too small for my large nipples... but if you have nice small nipples and like lots of sparkle and attention then this might be one for you.  It is a real attention getter and once a guy sees them on you they cannot seem to take their eyes of your nipples.  So... if you like a crowd around you at a party and want plenty of attention... wear these with a Vixen Kitty Pretty and you will steel all the attention.  Ladies who order these once... seem to re-order them time and again so there must be something special about them... right..?



Here are the lovely Harmony Titty Pretties... and I don't think anyone could show off the sweet design of this style any better than our very own Sun Devil Arianna... and to top it off... she does it while displaying you the lovely Encore Kitty Prettie that matches also..!  This design is very delicate which many ladies have really love... it is simply very pretty and sweet and lots of women re-order it time and again.  At first I didn't care for this style very much... but when I first saw them on a young ladies angelic nipple I fell in love with them.  They are too small for my nipples... but if you have perky breasts with delicate nipples I suggest you get these... and some Kitty Pretties... because you will just love them... and everyone else will also..!



The Madam Titty Pretties are very sophisticated looking... they look very royal and very regal... likeMadam - $8.95 something a Queen might like to try... as they are just so jeweled and elegant looking.  They are very pretty.  I have come to just adore them and I know you will love them also.  They are simply "Royal" looking... and the attention you will get when people see them on your breasts will make you feel very lovely and desired  Princess.  They are  delightfully appealing under a very sheer blouse or gown... and you'll be irresistible if you wear them with the "Encore Kitty Prettie" also..!



Here we have the Majestic Nipple Jewelry... this really is a unique design for the Nipple Jewelry and very sophisticated looking.  It really is "Majestic" looking... and like the Madam... it seemsMajestic - $8.95 extremely Royal and absolutely fit for a Queen.  It's very pretty and I really would love to wear this to some really gala events... but much to my disappointment I am afraid again my nipples simply are not dainty enough.  It would be so much fun to wear this jewelry with nothing but a very sheer peasant blouse to a "Renaissance Fair"... and nothing else but the "Encore Kitty Pretty"... I have done that before and I would love to do it again because it was so exciting and everyone loved it..!



This is the lovely Mirage Nipple Jewelry... it is very dainty and angelic... as well as being very sophisticatedMirage - $8.95 looking and it really looks very sweet and pretty on a real little lady.  I could not ever think of wearing these... but if you have small petite and ever so darling dainty nipples... please try these as I think you will love them.  They would be provocative displayed in a sexy shelf bra... or worn under a feminine sheer blouse like Sun Devil Adriana does.  Just imagine where a "Pretty Angel" might like to wear them with nothing else at all... accept maybe one of our Sweet Kitty Pretties... and you will have a positively heavenly occasion..!


The Passion Titty Prettie is a very popular design with bright purple and hot pink tones... we just love it and it has a large wholeThe Passion Design... $8.95..! in the center so itThe Passion Design... $8.95..! is well suited for ladies with either small or very large nipples.  Don't let this one fool you... it really is a sleeper yet it is one of my very favorites.  It looks absolutely sensational under a slightly sheer blouse which makes it a wonderful way to get attention when you are out shopping or even going to Starbucks to sit with friends to relax and visit with friends over a cup of coffee.  If you like you can simply wear them by themselves or with a Taboo Kitty Pretty... but if you want to look that sexy and exciting... don't do it at Starbucks..!


This is the delightful and very interesting Pleasure Nipple Jewelry design which is very lovely and in our opinionThe Pleasure Design... only $8.95..! it certainly looks nothingSun Devil Christine... makes looking at her pretty titties a real pleasure... they are just lovely..! short of extremely pleasurable when it is on Sun Devil Christine's beautiful breasts... and I am sure you will agree when you look at the Larger Picture.  This is another design which works very well on a large nipple's like Christine's... and looks just as sweet and delightful on smaller nipples as well.  Once again... these are priced the same as all of our other beautiful Titty Prettie designs... just $8.95... and on Christine's lovely breasts... well... as I am sure you can imagine... they are just priceless.  You might also want to get our Vixen Kitty Prettie and make your shaved Kitty look so sensuous..!


Here is the very pretty and provocative Punish Nipple Jewelry worn by our lovely Sun Devil Arianna... it is reallyThe Punish Design looks simply great on the lovely Desiree...! a sexy and darling design as you can see from all of the picture.  They are very popular and I think with these new photos they really do show just how provocative they look on the nipples of Arianna gorgeous breasts... which no doubt they both had a really good time photographing.  If you have small nipples... the hole in the center is not large enough for big nipples... they will look delightful on you.  Wear your Punish Titty Pretties without another thing except the Taboo Kitty Pretties and you will look absolutely stunning..!



This is the very elegant Spoiled Nipple Jewelry... and I promise from the attention you will get when you wear this lovely design and show The Lovely Spoiled Design... $8.95..!it off a little you are goingSpoiled - $8.95 to feel  very "spoiled" indeed..! It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry and will show off your gorgeous nipples making them look absolutely irresistible to virtually any male with any life in him at all..! This design works very well on a nice large nipple... and... they look spectacular on smallish nipples also. I just love them and they look ever so dainty and elegant on a ladies beautiful breasts. Wear them with nothing at all... or under a feminine sheer white blouse... so you... along with everyone else lucky enough to see your bare breasts... will absolutely delight seeing hoe sweet they look on your pretty nipples..!



Now this is just an absolutely beautiful set called the Sultry Nipple Jewelry...  which I really think is darling.  It is one ofThe lovely Sultry design is very popular..! our most popular designs... and we think it looks absolutely wonderful Sultry - $8.95 when displayed on a beautiful model like the lovely Christine pictured here.  It is very hard to get a good idea of how pretty it is when shown in it's packaging... but on our model you can really tell just how bright and pretty they are.  This is also a very good choice for a lady with larger nipple's and will also work very well on smaller nipples as well.  The Sultry Design is one of my favorites and really enjoy showing them off to everyone's delight.  If you get them and wear them... trust me... you will want to show them off also..!



Arianna's beautiful breasts are decorated with the Tease Titty Pretties... which are darling on her... and lotsThe Pretty Pink Tease Titty Prettie - $8.95 of ladies just love them after they have tried them.  It really is very hard to tell just how bright and pink and shiny they are pictured in the photos on the card... but they look very nice in the pictures of them on the lovely hard nipples of some of our Sun Devil Ladies breasts I can assure you.  I'm pretty certain you will love them if you give them a try.  But... don't wait... they really are one of our favorites because they do not overpower your nipples and if you wear them under a sheer blouse... you will want to show them off... and you will get lots of very nice compliments..!



This are theThe Lovely Torment Titty Prettie... $8.95..!Titty and Kitty Pretties worn together... lovely..! darling "Torment Titty Pretties" which are lovely and very Devilish as you can see.  I have very large nipples so the Torment Titty Pretties won't work on me.  If you have a more demure nipple they will look delightful on you.  Wear these without anything else at all... or if you must... with a sheer top.  You might want to order the "Encore Kitty Prettie"... because they really look sensational when worn together with nothing else at all....!



TheTramp - $8.95 beautiful Tramp Titty Pretties which likeMy Prettie Tittie... just for you to see and enjoy..! many... is one of my favorites.  This design works well on me as I have very large nipples.  Click on the thumbnail picture to see how large by comparing it to my thumb.  When I wear nipple jewelry my nipples are always hard and erect making them look very aroused... which is exciting and is in style these days.  If you have large firm nipples the Tramp will look delightful on your nipples.  Again... you can wear them without anything... or under a sheer top... it doesn't even need to be that sheer for you to get lots and lots of attention..!



The stunning Virgo Titty Pretties looking like beautifulThe lovely Virgo - $8.95 starbursts... and on Sun Devil Fafi's pretty nipple's theySun Devil Fafi's Pretty Titties..! look absolutely sensational.  When worn under a sheer blouse they are exciting and just seem to yell out for attention.  I wish I could wear them... they are for women with small dainty nipples... mine are just to large.  If you have small nipples... these will look marvelous on you.  They look spectacular peaking out from a white shirt left open or buttoned only slightly... or from the top of a very low cut cocktail dress or evening gown.  Sun Devil Missy sometimes wears them with nothing all so everyone can really delight in the naturalness her lovely femininity..!



The Worship Design is a personal favorite... it's bold... really shows off your nipples nicely... and accommodates nice large nipples likePretty Nipples... Priceless.....!The Sexy Worship Design - $8.95... Sun Devil Adriana's.  I also enjoy wearing them with my sexy shelf bra under a sheer blouse so my nipples are completely exposed... which you might try as it's fun and very exciting.  Try a sweater bra and forget the blouse so things will heat up even more quickly.  They're simple to put on... sensual to wear... exciting... fun... and you'll get lots of compliments when you wear these as well as our new super hot "Kitty Pretties"..!  If you're careful you may re-use them by using eyelash glue or a pastie glue... I've worn mine for as long as a week showering every day..!

Wow... all the guys really love our titties in the pretties..!

Be sure to check our "Kitty Pretties" also... you will love them..!

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