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           We answer all questions about being nude and naked anywhere including in public... but if you have any questions that are not answered here... please email them to me and I will get to them as quickly as possible.  Join us and you will get to see lots of great naturist photos even here in the FAQ area..!


I'm a single man and I'd like to know if men are allowed to join this club, and are there any unattached women that might like to meet a male naturist?

Yes of course men are allowed to join our club and there are some unattached women who would like to meet male naturists.  However we expect our single males to be dedicated to introducing women to the joy of naturism as well.  If you are a single male who expects to show up at events and simply find a lady there waiting for you... well then you probably shouldn't join us.  We've had single males bring one... two or three women to see how much fun social nudism can be... and never had any women have less than a wonderful time.  So... we expect you to do your part as well..!

Why do women choose to participate in social nudism and nude recreation..?

Because it is fun..?  Seriously... I have found that most women love it and they find the real joy of actually being a woman once  they allow themselves the freedom of experiencing social nudism... I know I sure did..!  Not to mention the relaxation... stress relief... positive body image... body acceptance and self-esteem they quickly learn to feel from nude recreation. 

Most women today have fond memories of going skinny dipping or in a spa or hot tub when we where young and innocent... so it's really not all that new.  Social nudism is becoming very popular and there are a great many wonderful reasons for women choosing nude recreation in today's world... including the many health benefits it offers.  There are many places where you can recapture that innocence... beautiful clothing optional resorts... spas... hot springs... beaches... retreats... bed and breakfast inns... campgrounds... luxury ocean cruises and even entire nude cities in the World today where you will meet a wide variety of really wonderful and friendly people... diverse in age as well as profession.

Is social nudism and nude recreation becoming more accepted by women..?

Yes... it absolutely is... we think everyone is starting to understand that less is often more..!  Social nudism of any sort is not only more accepted... but is now becoming very popular... and especially with women in the United States.  Let's face it... almost all of us today have skinny dipped or gone nude in a hot tub or spa in mixed company at one time or another and that is social nudism. I am also quite sure that most of us women felt the joy and beauty of our womanhood when we did... right..?  Women who want to recapture the joy and excitement of being a woman again... as well as the freedom... innocence... and beauty of those wonderful experiences... will find many clubs all over the world that offer relaxing... down-to-earth... casual... safe and comfortable environments in which a lady can feel free to be nude and even a little devilish at times..!.

How will I feel on the first visit to a clothing optional resort or a nudist club like the Diablo Sun Devils..?

You will probably feel like nearly all of us... a little apprehensive and nervous at first... and then after a few minutes you will feel wonderful..!  Allot depends on the club and it's members I think... in our Sun Devil group and the places we visit you will always find very friendly people of all ages enjoying nude recreation in a fun and secure atmosphere. And of course... there is me... always your happy smiling Sun Devil to make you feel relaxed...comfortable... and very normal being nude.  As a Sun Devil you are accepted for who you are inside... and you will soon learn that any woman who allows herself the personal freedom to enjoy social nudism quickly develops a healthy body image and has a great deal of self-esteem. Nearly all of the women... as well as many young ladies and even some gentleman who have ever joined us at one of our events has taken the time to tell me that they felt very comfortable after only a few minutes..!

What are the characteristics of a nudist club..?

It really does depend on where you go... but the atmosphere of most nudists clubs and  resorts is fun... wholesome... joyous... exciting and very friendly..!  People enjoy everyday activities such as swimming... hot tubbing... walking... hiking... cycling... tennis... pool... fishing... jogging... body building... volleyball... sun bathing... socializing and even dinning in a nice restaurant or having a cocktail and dancing with friends... all in the nude..! It is truly a wonderful experience for a woman to do any and all of these things without being encumbered by clothing... and it is my hope that you will all have the opportunity to try it one day soon and see just how much more womanly and alive you feel.  Most clubs have people who arrange activities and events much like any nice resort... and anyone who seems to be there for the wrong reason will be told to leave in very short order.  There are many great nudist clubs... go try one and see for yourself..!

Who is the naturist society..?

The Naturist Society - (TNS) is a national organization with members having a common philosophy... the acceptance of the nude body as good and that we all have the right to express that belief in an appropriate... natural and non-sexual setting. A government mandate to is a mandate to wear a symbol of shame... especially for women..! Within this context... we view anti nudity laws as laws designed to perpetuate contempt for our bodies.  They impose shame and disgrace and contribute to a feeling of poor body image and lack of self acceptance.  We strongly encourage all Sun Devils... and all nudists or naturists to become members of The Naturist Society. Anything that we can all do to help promote the natural joys and health benefits of nudism helps us all..!

How are women nudists different..?

Women nudists are not very different than other women ... other than feeling much more like women... having a great deal of self-esteem and confidence... and really enjoying the many joys and benefits of womanhood. Maybe we allow ourselves the freedom to relax... enjoy life... have fun and be a little devilish at times... and maybe we are happier than most other women... but other than that... we are the same..!  In our day to day lives... we are really not different at all.  We are representative of the general public and are from every profession and every age. Some of us are Republicans... some are Democrats... and some vote independent. Some of us are married... some are single... some have strong religious convictions and virtually every denomination is represented. All these diversities come together... sharing a common philosophy... to raise the level of understanding and perception of ourselves through clothing-optional living.

What is the history of nudism..?

Nudism is certainly not some radical new idea... after all we were all born that way..! In ancient cultures  the Japanese, Romans, Hawaiians, Grecians and many others commonly practiced non-sexual... social nudism. More recently our forefathers... both here and in Great Britain... practiced nonchalant nude bathing. Prior to the introduction of the bathing suit (known as the "Prison Suit" because of its broad stripe design) in 1830 by the Italian immigrant Augustus Brozzi... public seashore bathing was popularized by King George III (1760-1820) and King George IV (1820-1830), and by the 1840's nude bathing was popular on Great Britain's beaches.

In the United States, John Adams, the leader of the 1st and 2nd Continental Congress and the man who proposed the appointment of George Washington... was known to take time off to skinny-dip... publicly... in the Potomac River..! Under Queen Victoria's rule (1837-1901) and the Church of England's concept of decency... body freedom ended. So extreme was it... that even piano legs were considered indecent enough to be covered.

But in the early 1900's a rebellion against the Victorian control was underway.  Starting on Long Island, New York... men began to protest the laws which stated that men must always wear clothing to cover their chests. In the early 1930's men by the thousands protested and went topless on New York beaches. In 1936 the New York law was changed... allowing men to be topless.  I certainly think it is about time they change the law and allow us women the same freedom of being topless if we choose to be... in New York as well as every other place in the world..! The trend towards body acceptance has grown ever since... the popularity of nudism increases every year... and I ask you... what is more beautiful than a nude woman..?

How popular is nudism in the world today..?

Very popular... and growing much more popular among women each and every day.  Lets face it... women are the beautiful and attractive part of our human species... and men love looking at us.  Women really do enjoy showing off their bodies... and why shouldn't we... it is very normal and natural... and it feels good... that is just how it is and how it has always been..!  In my country all of the beaches are clothing optional and have been for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Today the nations of Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, the USSR, Yugoslavia, and many, many others have officially designated clothing optional beaches.  Countries that do not have officially designated clothing optional areas due to a high level of body shame are Mexico, China, and nearly all of the Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan along with many others... and believe this or not... the United States of America... the land of the free..!

Poll after poll shows a very positive acceptance of nudism and naturism here in the United States as well as around the world.  Being naked is actually fast becoming the thing to do everywhere... from snow skiing to walking the beach.  The truth is... it is simply fun and it really is quite normal and natural..!  But... even though the public clearly accepts and wants nudism... our government continues to reflect a view more in line with the Victorian Church of England.  Although there are a number of clothing optional beaches and other places in the United States today... none have official designation and under Federal Law you are always subject to arrest for indecent exposure..!

Does nudism have a value to the individual or to society..?

Of course it does... and especially for women..!   The culture in the United States instills a high degree of body shame when compared to many other countries... yet it is certainly nothing like the repression of women in many Islamic countries such as Afghanistan.  Although this conditioning has its origin in the philosophy of the Puritans... it is today expressed as civil law which applies to all citizens.  This is not without negative consequences.  Some people have been taught such a high degree of body shame that for them going for a necessary medical exam... such as a pap test or breast exam... is traumatic and some women avoid these life saving measures altogether.

Our society's mandate that we view our bodies with shame and disgrace has a negative impact upon our self image.  Dr. Alayne Yates, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, has shown that in cultures where nudity is common... children mature to be less critical of bodies in general.  Dr. Marilyn Story, Professor of Family Studies at the university of Northern Iowa, who has done extensive research on nudist families for many years, states... "Social nudity takes on increased societal... as well as personal... importance when it is viewed as a significant factor in determining body self-concept."  Additionally... the anthropologist Margaret Mead said that the acceptance of nudity "would ultimately lead to a decrease in neurosis and certain types of crime."

Overall... there are definite individual and societal benefits to the acceptance of our bodies.  Social conditioning and laws which perpetuate a sense of body shame and disgrace have very negative consequences... especially to women..!

About you... are these really your pictures on this site..?

Yes... of course these are my pictures..!  I want to promote social nudism and the many joys of nudism to women... so I want to show my own positive acceptance of nudity as well... and I hope many more women will help me by sending their pictures also..!

Are the Sun Devil ladies more nude in the members area..?

Yes we are... but as I think you can see... we are not at all uncomfortable being nude in the public areas of our site.  However you will find that nearly all of our other Sun Devil lady members feel much more freedom to be nude in the private area's of our site... especially on their members pages.  Remember... there are very few of our lady members that have any pictures at all in the public area.  They simply feel much more comfortable and relaxed being nude around friends in the members only area than they do just being nude in front of the whole world..!

Are you a nudist or a naturist and what's the difference..?

I am a nudist... like everyone else who enjoys social nudism today.  I enjoy being nude and natural... and I also enjoy my sexuality... which are beautiful and positive attributes in my opinion.  If you asked my husband... he would tell you that I am just like other women... and I am confident enough to allow myself the freedom to enjoy my femininity and womanhood..!

Being nude is but a very small part of a naturists life... everything for them must be completely natural... from the air they breath to the water they drink.  Most exist in the mountains far away from society and live in cabins they have built by hand using only natural materials from the surrounding area.  They will only drink from a natural spring... eat only what they have grown or raised... and wouldn't dream of eating processed food of any kind from a grocery store..!  A real naturist does not use electricity... telephone... or any other modern convenience for that matter.  They are usually nude because it is natural.  If they must wear clothing to be accepted somewhere... it would be handmade and only of natural fibers and never washed in anything other than spring water.  You get the idea... and in our modern world you could probably count all of the true naturists on one hand..!

Unfortunately... many people today call themselves a "naturist" as it is a kinder and gentler way of saying "nudist"..!  So what is the difference..?  Today there really is no difference... however I will say this... we were all born nude and we are all nudists to one degree or another.  I despise people calling nudism a lifestyle... it is simply a very important part of life itself..!  So once again I will tell you... if you must give me a title other than a woman... I am a "nudist"... and I am certainly not ashamed to say it just that way..!

I want to visit a nude beach with my wife... but I am afraid I will get an erection... and what should I do if I do get one..?

Many men have this fear... but I really don't think you should worry about it... as it probably is not going to happen..!  Generally nudists always carry a towel with them... it is a matter of etiquette... so if you do get an erection and you are in a place where you feel uncomfortable just cover yourself with the towel.  Rest assured... nude beaches are not generally a sexual place... and usually after only a few minutes you will forget that everyone around you is even nude.  It is highly unlikely you will end up getting an erection because you will be enjoying  the sun and the beach... and it just normally doesn't happen.  But like I said before... if you find yourself getting sexually excited and it does happen... so what... erections are quite normal... but if it happens in an inappropriate place simply cover it up..!

When I go to nude beaches with my girlfriend I get an erection.  Not from looking at other women... but from other men looking at her.  Is this normal?  I often just sit and watch her playing in the sea with others and I'm overcome with excitement to see guys staring or chatting with her... or even just going near her.  Its nice to have these feelings but I feel they are out of control at the wrong times.

It is very normal for a male to get excited when other men find his wife or girlfriend attractive.  If your wife or girlfriend is confident... relaxed... playful or even just friendly... men and women will almost always be attracted to her.  This is what my nudist club is all about actually... because everyone loves a woman who is "confident" in herself... especially when she allows herself the freedom to play and have fun as if she doesn't have a care in the world... and if she is nude it is all the more intriguing..!  Quite naturally men and women will want to look and gather around to admire and experience the joy and beauty she exhibits as a woman.  When this happens... it will make the lady feel more like a woman than she has ever felt before... and it really is the ultimate compliment to her male partner I think.  That is very exciting... and the excitement of it is giving you an erection... which as I said is completely normal.  What is probably even more exciting to you however... is that for the first time you are living life the way it was meant to be... and guess what... when the two of you get home you can really enjoy all that excitement together..!  After awhile social nudism will feel normal to you... and you will not have to worry about getting an erection and feeling out of control.  So... just as I said in the question above... enjoy... and if you get an erection in an inappropriate place simply cover it up with a towel.

I told my boyfriend I want to go to nude beaches where I have gone in the past.  He is reluctant to accompany me.  What should I do?

Tell him you enjoy social nudism and you want to go to the beach and that if he doesn't want to be nude that is perfectly all right with you, but you want him to accompany you when you go.  If he feels uncomfortable at first...  he will probably soon realize that nude beaches don't live up to the stereotypical perfect body ideal that many people have.  It is important to communicate with him and let him know this is something you really enjoy.  Let him know you honestly want him to join you... clothed or naked... and that you are going to go with or without him.  If he won't accompany you... then simply make it very clear that you will be asking someone who will... and then be sure and do it.  Then... go to the beach and enjoy yourself... it will be good for you and whoever joins you..!

I'm a young woman who enjoys being naked at home and don't mind my friends and family seeing me nude, but I'm embarrassed about other people seeing me naked in public.  How do I know if I look good enough to go to a nude beach?

Every woman's body is beautiful... there are no two the same... and no such thing as a perfect body.  One of the first things you notice when visiting a nude beach is just how wonderful you feel after only a few minutes.  Nearly every woman finds that they feel much better about themselves and their body image after visiting a nude beach.  Nude beaches have nothing to do with how you look... they are about enjoying nature and appreciating the freedom and the joy  of being nude.  Just go... then you will know right..?  I am sure you will feel fantastic about you... your experience... your body... and you will feel more like a woman than you have in years..!

Me and my husband would like to go to a nude beach or a nudist resort... but we aren't sure if we should bring our children.  Have you seen any families where you go..?

Naturism is a wonderful family activity and is extremely healthy for children.  Me and my husband often visit nudist beaches... nudist clubs... and nudist resorts where we always see and meet great  children ranging from infants to teenagers.  They play together nude and enjoy the beach or resort facilities just as children do anywhere else... having a fantastic time together.  If you want to learn to be a nudist just watch the children... and just like with operating a computer... they will show you the way..!  If you are unsure... contact or research your destination before you arrive.  The Diablo Sun Devils for example... is a family oriented singles and couples club... and children are welcome at many of our nudist events.

This is the best Web Site of any Nudist or Naturist Club that I know of and I completely support your efforts to help women enjoy naturism.  Is there some way I can help you... other than being involved as a member..?

Yes you can help our cause without being a member.  It costs money to promote and maintain our club as well as our Web site and it seems we are always running short..!  Any cash donation... no matter how small... is sincerely appreciated.  And... if you donate $25 or more I will send you a lovely photo of me suitable for framing which is personalized with your name and signed by me to show just how much I really appreciate your help..!

After being introduced to naturism this year I learned to appreciate my body which has brought me a new found happiness.  I want to share this feeling with other women like me so they will join us... how can I do that..?

Tell your friends and then send a few every time you visit our site and get the word out to women everywhere because as you have learned... women really love naturism... they just need a little encouragement to get out there and try it..!

Hi Vera, I'm from South America and even though I love to be nude almost anywhere my family says I should not because this is simply not part of our culture.  Are there any Latin American nudists that you know of?

Of course there are... women from every culture and race on the planet love to take off their clothes and be nude... and there are a great many beautiful and very sexy Latino Sun Devils right here in our club... Adriana... Arianna...Candy... and Doris... just to name a few.  It seems to me they are far more comfortable with nudity and their sexuality than American Women.  One of the reasons I started this club was because I could hardly believe how up tight American women are about their bodies.  I had always been told American Women were the sexiest women in the world.  When I came to the United States I was shocked as I found them to be the exact opposite.  So be like the Brazilian ladies and let it all hang out my dear..!

Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club

If you have a question... click here and send it to me..!

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