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Me and Vikki talking about girlie things... like sex..!!!

Well... we are updating our site again... we have hundreds of new photos in our galleries... and lots of new members as the popularity of nudism just seems to continue to be one of the fastest growing recreational activities here in the United States as well as lots of other places..!

We continue to offer free membership for women who will help us promote the joys and the many health benefits of social nudism and naturism in real life as well as here on our web site by having a members page here.  Getting women to try the nudist lifestyle is very challenging... yet once they do the vast majority of women love it and won't even vacation to a place where they can't be nude any longer.  In any event... we always need our members help to promote the naturist life style especially to women.

Any of you ladies are more than welcome to support our Top Freedom Photo Protest... you don't even need to be a member of our club... and even though we rarely get involved in any nudist or naturist politics or protests of any kind... we have always felt that a woman should be allowed to be topless anywhere a man can be and that the laws need to be changed regarding that.

Right now we have lots going on but as usual we are very busy trying to get more people to join our club so that we may continue our mission of bringing the joy and excitement of nude recreation to women everywhere..!


Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club

Marilyn has a great smile... not to mention her lovely sexy body..!!!

Lovely Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry..!

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